When one of us rises, we all are invited to rise!


Six Principles of the Mind/Body Sweetspot

Are you in the right relationship with:
  1. Self and Source
  2. The Wheel of Receiving, Gratitude and Joy
  3. Expansion – Creation
  4. The Wheel of Releasing, Forgiveness and Surrender
  5. Boundaries – Refining Systems and Structures
  6. Integration
Four Stages:
  1. Germinate – Initiate, Activate
  2. Grow – Build, Manifest
  3. Harvest – Evaluate, Review
  4. Compost – Rest, Integrate

Therese Rose

Mind Body Sweetspot

Therese Rose studied journalism at San Francisco State University, where she grew up in the Bay Area. She later moved to the vast wilderness beauty of Northern Montana, where she put down roots in a small mountain valley community near Glacier Park. A life long interest in holistic health (the integration of mind, body and spirit), compelled her to start a regional magazine with a partner, The Montana Health Journal. She created health events hosted by the magazine and learned much from the local wellness community who brought their expertise to share with the public. Through this work she learned how unique each individual’s needs are for ways to heal, cultivate resilence and thrive.

It was exciting to see people connect and make positive change in this way and so she decided to create Mind Body Sweetspot. Since then she has connected with master healers and wellness teachers from far and wide. She shares with you the best of what she finds, with easy to digest amounts of new content added each month. Created like a banquet and garden of wellness support places, it is prepared with love…easy to navigate, enjoy and be nurtured by.
You are invited to join the Mind Body Sweetspot community, share in the banquet, stroll through the garden, and be encouraged, supported and surprised by what you find. Most surprising of all may be a new or deeper discovery of your own sweet center.
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